The word “pokies” might sound strange for millions, but almost all Australians know what it means. This is simply the Aussie variant of another word, familiar to all — “slots”. AU residents that are going to learn how to play pokies, casino gaming machines, can use the same prompts that are given to the beginning players residing in other countries. Tactics and rules for them are identical.

How to play pokies in Australia?

Players who are just starting their acquaintance with online casinos think they can win much and fast. It happens, but rarely. Aussies, who wish to understand how to play pokies Australia and do not lose, have to follow some tips. For instance, the success of the game depends on the casino reputation and reliability. There are gambling clubs that offer hundreds of different slot machines. Meanwhile, if a person really wants to win, it is best to start gambling in reliable AU casinos. To do it, the newbie has to:

  • Register at several (it is possible) gambling sites;
  • Play there using Demo mode to catch how to play free pokies and win;
  • Choose one-two best casinos from those that were tested;
  • Choose a bonus that he likes remembering about a wager;
  • Play for money being cautious;
  • Win and cashout the winning sum.

It is also good to check regularly casino information updates: some rules can be changed, and this can affect the game results.

Winning at pokies strategies

No matter how low the probability of winning a significant amount of money on pokies is, there are always a number of proven strategies to increase a player’s chances and save money. One of the simplest how to play pokies strategies and the most effective at the same time is the following scheme. If a player wins, he plays again, and after losing, he goes to another slot. Nevertheless, this tip will never work for those, who have a small deposit. They should better use other recommendations.

Compare different pokies

It is advisable to try many free pokies, as the gaming experience and winning frequency vary from game to game. Comparing different games, the player will gradually find his own favorites with the features he likes. For example, the number of paylines and reels has a big impact on how the game ultimately looks to the gamer.

Play progressive jackpots right

The easiest tip of how to play pokies with jackpots to win is as follows — picks NetEnt progressive games. For example, the popularity of the most popular jackpot slot game on the net, Mega Fortune, is certainly partly explained by the fact that one can win the Mega Jackpot with a bet of 0.01 dollars. The AU player can do this by selecting only one payline. The same goes for most other NetEnt jackpot games.

Play a lot

The more a player invests in games, the more loyal he will be to the casino. This can result in getting a VIP status. As a VIP player, a person will get exclusive deals at regular intervals. For example, his birthday benefits are guaranteed, and bonuses will be more generous. By playing a lot, a pokies’ player can also compete for success in various tournaments and competitions that will bring him extra wins.