Video slots bonus features – the main characteristics, codes essence and how to use them

Video slots bonus codes are definitely the most attractive options that every gambler tries to find floating around the Internet. People like to have something for free, and gambling industry isn’t the exception to the rule. Video slots bonus codes allow getting some additional opportunities to succeed in this or that hazard game. The gifts can be absolutely different, depending on the desire of this or that gambling source. But, in any case, it’s worth spending time, trying to locate “sacred” numbers to input and to get something for free in the start of personal way to a gambling world.

Video slots bonus codes – what is it and how to use them

If to try to explain this option in some words, free video bonus slots codes are the gift that is provided by online casinos or by special sources, which based on this part of gambling industry. There are two main types of codes. Some websites claim for a deposit to be made to get special codes. Others work on no deposit system, where codes are given just to entice new clients into this or that casino, being sure that a player will finally start making deposits later. The main types of bonuses, which are activated by special no deposit codes are the following.

  • Free spins. This is the most popular video slots bonus, and it’s natural that that particular gift is most frequently used under codes’ “coupons”. They can be used both in all slots, or in some specific ones, which are announced by gambling source.
  • Welcome bonus. There are some online casinos, which accepts bonus codes and give some money to new players. Sometimes a visitor has even a chance to wager the gift and convert virtual money into some dollars in own pocket. The wagering conditions are very tough, but, at least, it’s a good chance to earn something with no need to spend own money.
  • Cash back and other gifts. These bonuses are very difficult to find, using bonus codes, but still they exist. And codes for such power-ups are usually provided by the biggest and the most popular online gambling sources.

As for the instructions about how to use bonus codes, there’s nothing complicated. All online casinos, which have an opportunity to accept codes, usually have a special page tab, where the code is inputted and Presto!

The variety of bonus rounds in free video slots

Video slots bonus rounds are what every gambler tries to find in a specific game. And such bonuses are available not only for real money players, but for those, who play for free and for fun, as well. There is a great variety of exciting and vivid bonus rounds, but the most popular of them are represented in the below selection.

  • Opening of closed chests. It’s a standard variant, when a gambler sees on the display e.g. 5 closed containers, and by choosing any of them a player has a chance to win extra money or other prizes.
  • Interactive game. This type offers to players to take a part in exciting game, where it’s necessary to kill enemies, to catch butterflies, etc. Every successful action brings extra money on the account.
  • The wheel of fortune. It’s another very popular type of bonus game, where it’s necessary to rotate a special wheel and to collect prizes till the sector “Exit” is dropped out.

Generalizing, gambling sources try to attract players’ attention by many means, including bonus games and special codes: the more guests they have, the more chances are to get profit with the help of users.